Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic was developed by a team of specialists hoping to provide the Dubai community with access to state-of-the-art preventative and palliative health care. Our goal is to bridge different providers under one roof so that the patient have access to varying treatment options that suits their condition and comfort levels. We believe that the power of an integrated team in medical therapy is much more beneficial to the patient who will receive a more comprehensive evaluation of their health. We also hope to provide our patients with treatment options that include pain management in holistic and rehabilitative forms, avoid surgical treatment when possible for quicker and more sustainable recovery, and educate the patient on long-term solutions in prevention. Our patients vary from young to old, athlete to pregnant female in our wide scope of practice.


Tamara Sabine Pierric Paul Nermine Nadia Michael Lauren Jens Jennifer Jean James Hala Ben

Dr. Tamara Ghazi

Medical Director, Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. James Boyle

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Pierric Morel

Doctor of Osteopathy

Paul Morana

GSR Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

Mr. Michael Becker

General Manager and Administrator

Michael graduated from Kedge Business School with a B.A. in Finance and Accounting and a MSc in Management with a major in Services Marketing and then proceeded to start his career in France as Regional Manager for Sodexo Healthcare, the worldwide leader in Quality of Life services for Hospitals. This first experience in a very large organisation gave him the opportunity to manage a diverse amount of people where he developed a skill set in sales, operations, management, company establishment and fund raising. Michael has always been passionate about sport sciences in general and Martial Arts in particular. After teaching Thai Boxing for several years back in France, he joined a Russian Mixed Martial Arts group in Dubai. As the son of a psychotherapist, he has always been very much interested in human sciences and through his personal journey of reaching a goal of health and fitness, he developed a passion for excellence in integrated wellness. Michael is fluent in English and French, communicative in Spanish and is currently learning to read and write Arabic.

Nermine Farshouk


Ben Ford

Strength and Conditioning

Miss Nadia Khan

Head of reception and patient management

Nadia completed the last 14 years of her life in Dubai pursuing a Bachelors of Science specialising in psychology at Middlesex University. After her graduation she was interested in her family business and proceeded to help management and human resources at Al-Hal trading where she became the front office and human resource manager. After 5 years of working there, she decided that she had reached her growth and learning curve potential and she began to look for a job in healthcare due to her passion for wellness, preventative medicine and alternative wellbeing. In her spare time she manages her own cake company and she has a love for adrenaline-filled sports such as kick-boxing, competitive Go-Kart racing and skydiving, all of which she has been practicing for the last year. Nadia hopes to return to her roots of helping people achieve and accomplish their goals through well-being and life-coaching. Her people skills make her an excellent manager and administrator. Nadia is fluent in English and Urdu and is currently learning French.

Miss jean Granados


Jean graduated from University of San Carlos in the Philippines with a Nursing degree. After moving to Dubai she decided to pursue a career in medical management due to the lack of preventative care in the Philippines. Due to her nursing background, Jean developed a skill for managing individuals and their needs by providing outstanding customer service. Jean is fluent in English and several Pilipino Dialects.

Jennifer Umil

Manual Therapy Nurse

Jenny graduated from Our Lady of Fatima University in 2003 with a Bachelors of Science and Nursing, passing the local board examination. She began working as a staff nurse in a well-known hospital in Philippines called United Doctors Medical Center in disciplines such as OBGYN, medical rehabilitation, surgical and post-OP fields. After one year she found an interest and specialized in rehabilitation Nursing. She decided to extend her career to an opportunity that arose in Dubai as a manual therapy nurse. Jenny has practiced in private practice for the past 7 years, with patients of variety of musculoskeletal conditions as she further pursued an education in sports massage which complemented her nursing skills perfectly.

Sabine Becker

Financial Manager

Sabine, a French citizen, graduated in 2008 with a state diploma of Certified Public Accountant and Auditor. She acquired a full set of skills and knowledge by working for Ansemble, a regional leading group of accounting and auditing, first as CPA in training and then as CPA in charge of the office in Marseille, France. In 2008, Sabine decided to set up her own company, CSB, that she developed for 3 years before following her husband in Dubai in 2011. In September 2014, Sabine took the responsibility of the Accounting and Finance Department of the family business, Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic, and is overlooking the patients accounts and bill management.

Hala Barghout

Diet and Lifestyle Specialist

Lauren Forsyth

Strength and Conditioning trainer, Myofascial therapist

Jens Lofgren

Performance Trainer


Chiropractic and Osteopathy

Our Doctors of Chiropractic and Osteopathy are here to evaluate, diagnose and manage your neuro-musculoskeletal pain. Specializing in sports-related injuries, they see patients from a variety of disciplines such as rugby, football, crossfit, running, triathlons and much more. Our therapy programs are tailored to the needs and comfort of the patient after a full medical history and evaluation is performed. The option of several techniques are offered to suit every individual.

Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy

Our Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Massage therapy departments were developed to help the patient with pain management and rehabilitation, and to develop a comprehensive plan to fix the patients and educate them on preventative care. This is done with exercise therapy, myofascial release, stabilisation and mobility exercises depending on the case and needs of the individual.

Lifestyle, Strength & Condition and Functional Movement System

Our gym is equipped with state of the art equipment to strengthen muscles and joints for long-term pain prevention and management. As part of our integrated program, we encourage our patients to undergo fitness and strengthening programs under the monitoring of specialists to prevent chronic pain or the onset of pain in the future, and to consult the Diet and Lifestyle Specialist for any dietary needs. Programs can target individuals at any fitness level.

Our doctors are specialized in home and office ergonomic assessments and can advise the patient on changes in sleep forms, sedentary workstations, or sports ergonomics. DISC hold regular workshops to teach our patients about prevention strategies, also applicable to the corporate setting. A healthier workforce is a more productive workforce!